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Category L1 Luxury Auto

Category L1 Luxury Auto Category L1 Luxury Auto

Vehicles under the L1 category (BMW X1 Automatic or similar) have been the pinnacle of comfort and prestige for many years. These cars strive for luxury, refinement and overall perfection. The materials and the engines provided are crafted and tuned to provide you maximum comfort, safety and a pleasant driving experience while cruising around Greece's mainland or the islands! If comfort, a prestigious image, top of the line technology that will make driving safer and hassle free, is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed.

Our rates are in Euro, all inclusive and with no "Hidden Extras"

Announcement to our current and future customers:
Despite the new directive of the Greek Tourism Organization (G.T.O.) that decided to increase the allowed maximum age of rental cars to 12 years of old and regardless of the economical difficulties in Greece, our agency will not discontinue aiming a renewed fleet averaged of 18 months old and with maximum age of 5 years and without any compromising to our quality of services.

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